☑️Whitelist Program

Are you interested in participating in LionCEO Presale to make some moon profits?

Well, you're in luck because we have an opportunity for you! Serious profits are for the chosen ones. You need to have our Whitelist spot. There are ONLY three different ways to be whitelisted.

  • Option 1: Be the winners in Giveaway events from Crypto calls channel and on the pages of Influencers we partner with.

  • Option 2: Send a DM to our Whitelist Managers in Telegram to ask for a WL spot, https://t.me/lionceowhitelist .

  • Option 3: Take part in community events organized such as Active contest and Shill contest.

By joining our Whitelist program, you'll have the chance to invest early in a project with great potential and make some serious profits. Plus, you'll receive exclusive perks.

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