📶Token Utilities

Without utilities, a token is just an address. With LIVE utilities of AI, GameFi, Staking, and NFT Generator, all in one place, $LCEO will fly to the moon.

  • The main token used in our Multi-AI utilities: Text-to-Image, Text-to-Speech, and NFT Generator

  • The token that represents the real value of LionCEO, which can be traded on DEX or CEX with real $$$

  • The real yields for holders with 1.5% cut of Buy Tax is converted to $USDT and distributed to their wallet every 24 hours

  • The currency within our p2e game, from purchasing virtual goods to participating in in-game events

  • The staking rewards in LCEO's innovative staking system offering high APR

  • The rewards for communities through weekly events and contests

  • The ticket to access private events and win free NFTs

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